Can you make it in the fitness industry?

Looking to forge a career as a personal trainer?  It’s harder than you think. Source: Wikimedia Commons The ads on radio say we should ditch the schoolbooks and become personal trainers, and start enjoying the benefits of staying fit and being your own boss. The reality suggests it’s not as easy as it sounds. Nick Hall has been working in the fitness industry for the past four years. He believes the market has become saturated with personal trainers. “At my first club, there was a situation with 20 trainers on at any one time and you’d often have two or three that were … Continue reading Can you make it in the fitness industry?

Underemployed and overqualified

Student oversupplies and a tighter job market have affected employment prospects for emerging graduates, writes Toli Papadopoulos. University, a place to further ones knowledge, but does it open doors to employment? Dr Veronica Sheen is a research associate on employment at the Monash University School of Social Sciences. She says that finding work after graduating is increasingly becoming difficult. “When all of us grew up we thought that getting a good education would result in being employed within a corporation or organisation. The fact is I don’t know that’s how it is anymore,” she says. Twenty-six-year-old Bradley Woolstencroft graduated from … Continue reading Underemployed and overqualified

Reasons to meditate

After an intense year of partying abroad I returned home from Barcelona fatigued and unnecessarily stressed. I landed in Melbourne with an empty wallet, no university for six months and way too much time to think. The past was done and dusted, the high times were over and it was time to undertake the next chapter of my life. It was this realisation that allowed me to refocus my mind on the present. I decided to try a number of new hobbies ranging from Yoga, Greek lessons and mindfulness meditation. After some experimentation I found an interest in mindfulness meditation, … Continue reading Reasons to meditate

The youth hostel that never sleeps

After holidaying in familiar Greek islands Mykonos and Santorini, I was keen to head somewhere new. I’d heard other travellers raving about a party hostel called “The Pink Palace” in Corfu and decided to take on the 12 hour journey. Within five minutes of arriving I was given a shot of ouzo and brought up to speed with the general guidelines of the hostel. Number one: there is no rest. The concept behind the Pink Palace is fairly unique. The hostel has over 500 beds, two night clubs, a restaurant and a reception bar. The idea is that you never … Continue reading The youth hostel that never sleeps

Community pushes to retain speed humps in Brighton

Bayside community members petitioned the council to keep a number of speed cushions in Cochrane St Brighton, the location of both a primary school and kindergarten. Speed humps in Cochrane Street, Brighton, will be retained by Bayside Council following overwhelming support by residents. The decision follows numerous petitions from community groups, local schools and residents of the street. At their April 16 meeting, the council reversed its original decision to remove all the speed humps in Cochrane St, instead agreeing to remove only two located on the southern side of Cochrane St. Cochrane St is approximately 1.8km in length and … Continue reading Community pushes to retain speed humps in Brighton